We want to introduce Supply Chain to the Digital World. This is our ultimate goal. 21st century is the time of leveraging data, automation and integration between various systems. Are you not tired of seeing your employees do hundreds of calls and exchange thousands of emails per day just to get aligned with your clients, carriers and suppliers? Wouldn’t you like to have a full visibility to gain control and stop all the waste which is causing you loose your margins? Let’s stop this together and enter the digital age together.

To help you accomplish these goals we created a number of Products to help your Supply Chain processes. Starting from a Transport Management System (TMS) unlike any other you have seen before, because it integrates data from your Purchase and Sales Orders, Carriers up to the single product level, so that you always know where your order or part of it is right now and when to expect it. Our TMS is called ‘Booking Portal’. It is a heart of our Products ecosystem. We also took an effort to optimize your loading so that you can load as much products on the truck/container as possible. We will also optimize your transport to stimulate your supply chain. We offer an IoT Track&Trace system to know exactly where your shipments are (air, sea and road) which opens opportunities for automation. With our Slot Management product you can save loads of money on efficiency of your warehouse, waiting times of trucks and generally forget about a mess at your docks. With our Mobile App the drivers will let you know if they will be late and they will choose a new unloading or loading slot on their own! With our Pre-Billing product you will always pay for what you got and not more, saving a lot of money while doing it, and with Tender Management you will easily go through the RFP process as often as you want and the new rates will load and apply themselves automatically in the Booking Portal! In the end, all our data is available and we provide a set of dashboards tailored to the needs of top management and mid-management to have full visibility and control at a reach of hand. Ready to talk?

Efficient collaboration
Leading to a more focused team effort and faster, more substantial results. Reduce waste by limiting number of calls and emails sent daily, reduce the workload! Automate your shipment ordering!
Improved margins
Reduce freight costs and correct overbilling by your carriers even before the invoice is sent. Make sure you are calculating your margins right thanks to Synthelio!
Increased productivity and efficiency
Catch and process information faster, resulting in more efficient planning and execution of tasks. With Synthelio you have all the information you need, when you need it and you can act on it!
More complex analysis that finds the hidden insights typically overlooked by other tools. base your decisions on facts you can trust.
Better visibility and control
Have a feeling like everything is running without any sense or order? We can change that! Adjust software to your processes and improve them, not the other way around!
Cost savings
Substantial savings over short period of time, bunch of quick wins and dozens of long term changes causing money saving!


We are obsessed with our Client’s success, therefore everything we do we start with asking ourselves: “Will this help our Client win?”. If the answer is ‘Yes” then we do it.



We are a technological company with logistics know-how. Our dream is to introduce modern IT solutions and automation to Logistics industry by using latest technology and trends.



When doing something „Think Big” or not do it at allIf a small idea cannot be implemented globallylet’s move to another idea. Success is built on brave decisions which we take every day.



Always ”Play to win” and not „Play not too loose” is our most important valueWe are never looking at competitionwe are always competing with our best Synthelio version from yesterday.

Synthelio Control Tower Products
Connection and interface to ERP and other source data systems crucial for your process to track not only your Shipments but your individual Orders. Integration with Carriers systems for full automation, visibility and control over your Shipments.
Making sure that you send as few trucks as possible and as many as possible fully loaded. Thanks to Master Data information about your Products system will automatically calculate, simulate and suggest transport options to lower your transportation costs.
Track your Shipments every step of the way, automate your processes and warehouse slot management by automatic statuses when closing to a location. Always know where is your Order.
Optimization for lane, load and workflow. The best solution for deliver your orders.
Easily process your bidding offers and automatically insert winners rates to the Booking Portal.
Visibility and Control at different levels of management. See the full picture and take proper decisions bringing cost-saving to your operations.
Model, optimize and simulate your supply chain.
Control your finances. Automatic invoice verification. Make sure you will pay exactly for what you are getting.
Optimize your warehouse operations and save costs. Allow drivers to let you know if they are late or early. No more waiting trucks and no more easy shifts. Reduce the wasted time and resources.
As a Driver, confirm that you will be on time, late or early. Confirm shipment pick-up and delivery. Allow Synthelio to track your position for automatic status updates. Simple login with plates and shipment number.
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